Sasamela Trading Enterprise and Projects is a family business operating in the Construction, Civil Works and Manufacturing Industry. It was formed for the purpose of providing the commercial industry and domestic clients with a full spectrum of construction service.
It has built its capacity over the years in the construction industry and has CIDB grading of 5GB PE and 4CE PE. This has been achieved through forging mutually beneficial alliances with small and large enterprises in the construction industry and personnel investment.


Safety is of vital importance in our company and we adhere to its policies and acts fully.

People are the company‚Äôs most important asset and their health and safety is of paramount importance. As we grow as a company it is imperative that we exercise tighter controls in terms of Health and Safety. Sasamela is also concerned about the health and wellbeing of each and every employee. We provide a safe environment wherein the workforce can be employed productively.


Our vision is to be recognized as the distinguished economic player of socio-economic significance in South Africa


hiiiiiiOur mission

    Our mission is providing the best quality service to all our clients within acceptable turnaround time by being committed to continuous review and improvement of our operations within a culture of customer focus, quality assurance, information technology, HR development and environmental responsibility.


  • Gauteng
  • P.O Box 4050 Southgate Johannesburg 2082
  • T : +27 11 941 4643
  • F : 27 11 942 2306/ 086 595 2071
  • step@sasamela.co.za
  • Limpopo
  • P.O Box 5005 Molototsi Ga-Ntata Village 0827
  • T : +27 71 612 2159
  • F : +27 86 595 2073
  • bricks@sasamela.co.za


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